Palin Emails: Ethics and Donated Brownie Mix

Here we have yet another instance of Governor Palin trying to make sure that all the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed when it comes to staying within the rules.

February 1, 2008 -

Janice Mason:

Governor – I know that you will be in New York during the requested date of Wed., 02.27.08. Joe has asked if it would be okay with you to go ahead and host the Tongass Futures Roundtable Reception at the House that evening. It will be staffed by Joe Balash and the Lt. Governor. This was the request for approx. 35 attendees.


Is this an unusual request- hosting event(s) there when I’m not there? Can’t think of when I’ve heard it done in the past.

And who pays for the Tongass group’s reception?

Erika Fagerstrom:

Usually events are approved that the Governor or First Gentleman host- then if either of you can’t attendl we can ask for the Lt. Governor or a Commissioner to host the event. If you want to approve this request and the Lt. Governor or a Commissioner hosts it that’s perfectly fine from the aspect of House protocol. I think the idea is that it limits groups from thinking of the House as just another venue. Hope that answers your question.


And who pays for Tongass?


It would be paid for by the House. [Governor's mansion]


I still get mixed msgs then on who pays for what. Remember the mess with the student athletes who wanted to visit – I received the very strong msg that the state did NOT pay for hosting (most) receptions or folks would abuse the house usage as just another free venue for their event. (Remeber that’s why we used old food, volunteer moms, and donated brownie mix for the teams).

It’s also why Todd and I have been so hesitant to ever invite anyone over – the rules are murky and I’m not going to risk breaking any unwritten rules because things get leaked and misconstrued. So … I need more definitive rules to follow when it comes to hosting, inviting and feeding guests in the Gov’s house.

I’m ccing Mike(s) so they’ll, too, know it’s been a year of mixed messages re: what I can and can’t do in the house. Thanks

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