Video: The Palin Doctrine; Updated with Transcript

An excerpt from her speech at Colorado Christian University:

Update: Transcript I scribbled down -

A lesson here then for effective use of force, as opposed to sending our troops on missions that are ill-defined. And it can be argued that our involvement elsewhere, say, in Libya, is an example of a lack of clarity.

See, these are deadly serious questions that we must ask ourselves when we contemplate sending Americans into harm’s way. Our men and women in uniform deserve a clear understanding of U.S. positions on such a crucial decision.

I believe our criteria before we send our young men and women, America’s finest, into harm’s way, I believe that our criteria should be spelled out clearly when it comes to the use of our military force. I can tell you what I believe that criteria should be. I can tell you what it should be in five points:

First, we should only commit our forces when clear and vital American interests are at stake, period.

Second, if we have to fight, we fight to win. To do that we use overwhelming force. We only send our troops into war with the objective to defeat the enemy as quickly as possible. We do not send our military and stretch out the mission with an open-ended and ill-defined mission. Nation-building, a nice idea in theory, but it’s not the main purpose of our armed forces. We use our military to win wars.

And third, we must have clearly defined goals and objectives before sending our troops into harm’s way. If you can’t explain the mission to the American people clearly, concisely, then our sons and daughters should not be sent to battle. Period.

Fourth, American soldiers must never be put under foreign command. We will fight side by side by our allies, but American soldiers must remain under the care and command of the American officers.

And fifth, sending our armed forces should be the last resort. We don’t go looking for dragons to slay. However, we will encourage the forces of freedom around the world who are sincerely fighting for the empowerment of the individual.

When it makes sense, when it’s appropriate, we’ll provide them with support and help them win their own freedom. We’re not indifferent to the cause of human rights or the desire for freedom. We’re always on the side of both. But we can’t fight every war. We can’t undo every injustice around the world.

But with strength, and clarity in those five points, we’ll make for a safer, more prosperous, more peaceful world. Because as the U.S. leads by example, as we support freedom across the globe, we’re going to prove that free and healthy countries, they don’t wage war on other free and healthy countries.

The stronger we are, the stronger and more peaceful the world will be under our example.

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  • CVA9

    Right on Madam President, No more police action, no more swat team. If we send our finest anywhere we go to win quickly and get out and only when America interest needs protection.

  • Anonymous

    Who could have a problem with this? It’s pure common sense.

    Please keep hitting Obama for justification of the US presence in Libya, Sarah. It doesn’t seem to enter the so-called “minds” in DC. But then again, they’re not going off to work in a hostile, foreign country every morning, separated from everyone and everything they hold dear, are they?

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    [...] Barbaric Thoughts » Video: The Palin Doctrine; Updated with Transcript. [...]

  • Jasmine Clark

    b-but i thought palin lacked gravitas and substance!!! what is going on here!!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin is a STRONG LEADER….

  • Anonymous

    Talk about presidential!

    Game On!

  • Jim R

    Congrats Kelsey! National Review Online author Katrino Trinko links this post!

  • Anonymous

    Well, I sure can agree with that. Who knew she was so smart? Yeah, all of us!

  • Anonymous

    Sarah Palin For USA President 2013-2021….

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