ADN Reporter Debunks Trig-Trutherism

This lady is apparently sick and tired of the bat-s crazy Trig-truther loons e-mailing the ADN every day:

Just when the Trig-Isn’t-Really-Sarah-Palin’s-Baby emails with the capital letters and exclamation points finally stopped showing up, a journalism professor in Kentucky is making the rounds with his “academic paper,” trying to prove the roundly debunked conspiracy theory (that haunted most journalists in this state for years) is actually real.

Please, someone, make it stop.

Author Joe McGinniss, who has a forthcoming book about Palin, is not making it stop. He has been gleefully tweeting about it all week. He must know it’s bunk, but the buzz will help him cash in.

That’s the read I’m getting too. McGinniss is an opportunist. He knows his only audience is made up of Trig-truther crazies, so he’s pandering to them.

I read Scharlott’s piece. It contains lots of innuendo and some widely-circulated Photoshopped pictures. What is missing from his investigation: facts.

One of my favorite passages is about a picture where Palin appears pregnant. Scharlott presents the original image, and then one with changes to the light balance. She still looks pregnant in the second picture. But he writes “Palin appears to be wearing some sort of pad strapped around her midsection; her lower belly, where a fetus would normally reside, seems flat” This is total fantasy.


The journalists, including me, who covered Palin at the time believed she was pregnant because she was pregnant. Even before the announcement, she seemed to be putting on weight. She wore baggy jackets and scarves. Before the announcement, she acted nervous when photographers tried to take her picture. Later on, her face filled out. Her fingers swelled. She had a noticeable belly. And it wasn’t made out of foam.

“A trim woman simply can’t hide a fetus in her seventh month of pregnancy, and Palin in no way looks four and a half weeks away from giving birth to a 6 pound baby,” Sharlott writes. Actually, women carry babies all kinds of different ways. Some women gain less than 20 pounds. Has this man never seen “I didn’t know I was pregnant” on TLC?

Palin also ran all the time at the gym in Juneau. People I know saw her on the treadmill sweating in workout clothes. She had a belly. I repeat: she had a real pregnant belly. Are you going to tell me she was wearing a prosthetic abdomen on the treadmill?

After the birth, we interviewed her doctor who talked about it. Why would the doctor lie for her? That’s right. She wouldn’t.

Other “evidence” in Scharlott’s piece: the hospital didn’t announce the birth of the baby. He didn’t mention that birth announcements are optional.

Go read the full article here. They have a couple pictures up too. Yeah, she takes a couple shots at Palin, but she’s an ADN reporter. What did you expect?

Previous coverage here and here.

Flashback to 2008 when a Huffington Post blogger got an earful from an Alaska newsperson:

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  • kcnut

    Just sad when all they have left is lies to spread about sarah.

  • Big_Rebel_Yell

    How would you like to be these people? Not only is what you believe a lie. The people you hang around and peddle your garbage too are liars, and believe the lies. The party you belong to has built a house of cards on half truths and out right lies. You wake up with it, spend all day within this garbage then obviously go to sleep and probably dream about this stuff. Do you know any happy libs? For that matter; do you know any happy democrats? I don’t. These people are depressing and negative and I can’t wait to get away from them. Example: Michael Moore, stuart smallie, etc…. .

    I pray that god could soften my heart towards these people but I struggle mightily with extreme dislike for them. Other than that how’s everyone doing today?

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