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Confederate Flag – Updated

I’m posting this here because it’s too long for a tweet. Not because I am at all an informed person on this issue. I have gleaned in passing that in the wake of the shooting, ...

Dear Christians: Why Beat Up Gay People?

Article in People magazine: In the affidavit, Fenner claims he was brutally beaten. “I had at least 15-20 college age men around me, screaming, shaking me, punching me, hitting ...

Milwaukee Police Chief Epic Shooting Rant

Ferguson, Ferguson, Ferguson. You may not have heard of the shooting in Milwaukee. It happened all the way back in April when police officer Christopher Manney shot and killed a man ...

I’m Baaaack… ?

Howdy. Long time no see. I’ve been thinking of getting back into the blogosphere. It’s not particularly appealing to me, but I have a thought from time to time. Besides, ...


The rich ruleth over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender. - Proverbs 22:7 So I caught Fox News Sunday at my parents house yesterday. Apparently there’s some big ...

Happy Thanksgiving

When I was a kid, it was all about Christmas for me. Sure, we all know it’s Jesus’ birthday (well, not really. That’s just when we celebrate it), but come on. Presents! ...

Neal Boortz – The Bible According to Barack Obama

Neal responds to a Herman Cain bit that ran before this segment came on, where Cain congratulated Obama on his win. Tweet Related Posts:Newt Gingrich Interview with Neal Boortz ...

Tough People Do

I love this new song by Trace Adkins. Times aren’t what I would call awesome, but they’re nothing compared to what our forefathers went through. My grandma was sent out ...

Where Have You Been?

Hi. So, it’s been awhile. Where have I been? Nowhere in particular. My interest in the Presidential race kinda left the building when Newt left the campaign trail. Romney didn’t ...

Bristol Palin Runs with the Reindeer

This is a clip of Bristol at the Running of the Reindeer event in Alaska. The dude with her is her boyfriend Gino, obviously. The dude convincing her to run is Bob Lester of the Bob ...
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